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Ethical, Sustainable Farming

AviAnna Acres is a small farm consisting of chickens and sheep, including Tunis (a superior tasting meat) and Leicester Longwool (a heritage sheep known for their long lustrous curly wool), Border Leicester and Romney. They are grazing on pasture May through November with lambing in February/March. There are no pesticides, insecticides, hormones or antibiotic laced feed used on this farm. Sheep are rotated pastures regularly.

I also have rescue alpaca and a kunekune pig. The sheep are raised humanely and treated with respect. Their antics and relationships are so fascinating, my husband is going to use the stories as an opera for children! The chickens, ducks, peacocks and guineas are free range on the farm and they easily return to the henhouse at dusk for lock up from predators.

Avianna Acres
Sandwich, IL
Located 50 miles NW of Chicago